Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: “Through the Looking Glass”

Disclaimer: I think they still belong to JJ Abrams. I know they
belong to Lindelof and Cuse and ABC. I wish I were making the sort of profit they are off these characters, but sadly, I’m

Archive: No, but you can post a link as long as I get proper credit.

Summary: When Kate can’t get through to a drunken, suicidal
Jack she calls the only person she can think of.

Author's Notes: This takes place right after Kate left Jack
standing by the road in the Season 3 finale. I started writing
it then. This is how long it takes me to work on stories now.
Sigh. I started taking some of the season 4 stuff into account,
but it mostly ignores cannon past season 3 (Ben is the one in
the coffin here).

Obviously the title is in reference to the 12 steps of addiction treatment. These steps will not actually be followed in this story. I just needed a title that described the story without making it seem like part of the “Detox” series.

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