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Brief glossary for fandom newbies:
Het = Heterosexual pairing
Slash = Homosexual pairing
AU = Alternate Universe
mpreg = Male pregnancy
BDSM = Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism
XF = X-Files
OC = Original (or other) character
RPS = Real Person (Orlando Bloom in this case) Slash

Noncon/Dubcon = No or dubious consent

**This site is all-character and all-pairing friendly**


"Ending a Parallel"
"I'm trying desperately not to cry. I'm trying to be strong...for both of our sakes."
Rating/warnings: PG, character "death"

Doggett learns the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials...and he will never be the same again.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, het, mpreg

"Qui se ressemble s'assemble"
*No summary*.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, het, unconventional pairing

"Strength to Fight the Future"
"As much as it breaks my heart to see Mulder cry, I almost wish he would do just that now. At least it would prove to me that he is really in there - that the events of the last two years haven't sent him down the proverbial rabbit hole never to return."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, het, spoilers for series finale

"There's a Little Witch in Every Woman"
Scully is feeling very playful and seductive...Doggett will never know what hit him! ;)
Rating/warnings: Strong R, suggestive language

"The Brit" (Alias/OC)
"Realization slammed into Vaughn with staggering force. 'He reminds me of Sark.'"

Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash

"The Brit: Extended Edit" (Alias/RPS)
"Vaughn had known being a CIA spook would get him killed one day, but somehow he had always pictured his death as being more heroic. Being taken down in a hail of bullets, maybe...Instead here he was kneeling in front of his kidnapper, knowing he had condemned an innocent man to death all because he couldn't turn down an opportunity for sex."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, torture

"The Detox Series" (XF/Alias)
Summaries inside.
Rating/warnings: R to NC-17, slash

"Domesticity" (XF/Alias)
"'I'm in labor,' Vaughn announced casually, as if it were a passing conversation piece."
Rating/warnings: PG-13 to NC-17, slash, mpreg

"Quantum Leap: The “Lost” Episode" (Lost/Quantum Leap)
Sam Becket leaps into Jack Shephard in 1970s Dharmaville. It proves to be his most confusing leap yet.
Rating/warnings: PG-13, slash pairing

"Safe Haven alternate" (XF/Alias/Lost)
"I found them in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Vaughn had our house guest backed against the counter and I knew from experience that the deep, slow building kiss he was engaging him in was probably wiping away whatever self restraint the tightly wound doctor may have had."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, slash, DP, PWP       

"Sex, Lies and Deception" (XF/Alias)
"Part of me wanted for it to be real - wanted to let go and enjoy the treatment. But deep down I knew it was a lie. It was only a matter of time before his illusion was shattered - before he realized that he couldn't save me from this life and that I could never allow myself to fall for him."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, AU, het, slash, threesomes, prostitution, rape

"Untitled Alias/X-Files ficlet" (XF/Alias)
Gin mentioned that Mulder/Vaughn/Doggett would make a good threesome. This made the plot bunnies start hopping and this was the result.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, threesome

"12 Steps"
When Kate can’t get through to a drunken, suicidal Jack she calls the only person she can think of.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash

"After the End"
“It was over.” But was it really?
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, character death (cannon)

"Blood and Sacrifice"
“He offers himself up to Sawyer like a sacrifice... He wants this – needs it. This is his punishment for trying to screw with fate.”

Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, dark, dubcon

"Sawyer's eyes widened as the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked into place in his mind. 'You're tryin' to tell me you're pregnant?'"
Rating/warnings: R to NC-17, slash, mpreg

"His Jack"
Juliet has an epiphany.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, voyeurism

In Another Life

“In another life, I would make you stay so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away.”  The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
Rating/warnings: R building to NC-17, slash

"On Sharing Clothing..."
Two Jack/Sawyer pre-slash drabbles based on scenes from episode 5x09 "Namaste".
Rating/warnings: PG-13

"Restraint II"
"I've been considering what to do with you, Jack... In order to carry on our work here, I need less cohesion between your people. And unfortunately, that means I have to break you." Sequel to gregoria44's story, which can be found here.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, rape, non-con

Tiresias: a character in Greek mythology who was magically transformed from a man to a woman and back again. But what if the Dharma Initiative thought it was more than just a story?
Rating/warnings: NC-17, genderbent het, slash

"Althea" (Troy)
Althea asks Odysseus about her parents.
Rating/warnings: PG-13, OC, references to mpreg

NEW - - >"Devastated"
Most people tend to assume my flatmate is rubbish in bed. I am happy to report that they are wrong. However, there is one thing....
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, mild military kink









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