Rating: PG-13. Possibly an R depending on how well you can handle vague talk about sex.

Keywords: crossover, indirect Jack/Sawyer, inadvertent Sam/Sawyer, slash

Spoilers: For Lost: “The Variable” through “The Incident”.

Disclaimer: Sam and Al belong(ed) to Donald Bellisario. The first couple paragraphs of the story are directly transcribed from the introduction to each episode of “Quantum Leap”. Everyone else belongs to Darlton and JJ Abrams, as do any events or dialogue that mirror “Lost” cannon. I’m just having some harmless, nonprofit fun playing with them.

Archive: Just ask.

Summary: Sam Becket leaps into Jack Shephard in 1970s Dharmaville. It proves to be his most confusing leap yet.

Author's Notes: To the creators – and fans – of two of the best damn sci-fi shows on television.
Author's Notes: This is what happens when you try to write “Lost” fanfiction while re-watching all five seasons of “Quantum Leap”, apparently. You don’t need to have watched “Quantum Leap” to understand what’s going on here, though *some* knowledge of the show might make it more fun to read.

PS – I know I changed the translation on Jack’s tattoo. I think the actual translation of Matthew’s tattoo is just as appropriate as the fake one in this context. Sue me.

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© Diandra Hollman 1/7/2010 | Dustjacket made by me

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