Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Scenes of rape and non-consensual sex

Spoilers: Maybe for a couple episodes in season three but itís pretty AU.

Disclaimer: Blah blah Bad Robot blah blah ABC blah Abrams, Lindelof and Cuse blah. Clearly not mine.

Archive: No, but you can link to the post as long as I get proper credit.

Summary: "I've been considering what to do with you, Jack... In order to carry on our work here, I need less cohesion between your people. And unfortunately, that means I have to break you." (Taken from the original story that spawned this).

Author's Notes: I asked gregoria44 if I could write a sequel to Restraint (go here to read the original). Iíve been debating whether to finish the story off or leave it as a cliffhanger and pass the torch to whoever wants it. I opted for the latter. You should probably read gregoria44ís story before reading this, though you donít have to for it to make sense.

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