Rating: NC-17

Classification: S R

Keywords: Slash, Alias/X-Files crossover, Mulder/Vaughn, AU

Spoilers: Nope. Nadda. None.

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Archive: Gossamer, Ephemeral, Mulder Slash, Cover Me and Alias Slash. Anyone else: e-mail me.

Summary: "No matter how many times I had done this, there was always a moment where I wondered... Why am I here? Why do we keep doing this? It was easy to explain the first time - when we were both drunk off our asses and desperately needed to get laid. But we couldn't blame alcohol on this."

Dedication: To Gin, who pushed me relentlessly to finish this story and everybody who sent me feedback for Intoxicated.

Author's Notes: This is the sequel to Intoxicated, which you can find here, although it could really stand alone. This is very much PWP. No plot. Not much substance. Just pages and pages of sex between two hot guys, loosely tied together with small doses of angst and domestic fluffiness.

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© Diandra Hollman 1/6/2005 | Dustjacket made by me*

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