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Redid the main page and fanfiction page because they really needed updating. Added a new Sherlock story: Devastated.


Three new recaps of Torchwood, which completes "Children of Earth" and one new recap of Sherlock, which may officially be the longest one yet. I have started posting a new - as yet unfinished - Sherlock story to my Livejournal and AO3 account.


Two new recaps of Torchwood, now on a new page and one new (very long) recap of Sherlock.


Three new recaps of Torchwood and Doctor Who (the ultimate crossover), and one of Sherlock.


New recaps of Torchwood, and Sherlock.


Look at me updating with regularity these days… Yay! New recaps of Torchwood, and Sherlock.


Two new recaps of Torchwood, season 2, and the finale of Sherlock, season one.


Several new episodes of Torchwood, season 2 recapped, as well as episode two of Sherlock.


I have begun recapping season 2 of Torchwood, as well as season 1 of Sherlock. Because obviously I just can’t resist Brits or hoyay.


I finished the last of my Lost WIPs. You can find them on the fiction page. Happy Lost Day!


Two new stories and three new recaps. First, an alternative to part of “Conception” can be found on the page with the rest of the story. It contains a rather graphic depiction of a man giving birth, so be forewarned. Also, I finally finished my flash-sideways verse “Lost” story “In Another Life”. I don’t have a dustjacket for it yet, so the link goes right to the text file. It’s slash (Jack/Sawyer) with an (eventual) NC-17 rating. For the recaps, I finished the three-part crossover of Torchwood and Doctor Who and jumped right into the middle of The Hobbit trilogy (because I basically slept through the first one anyway).


And now I’m recapping Doctor Who. Just the crossover episodes.


Why do I always get around to updating in March? All of my current stories are still in progress on livejournal, so I just have some recaps for season 1 of Torchwood for now. Yes, I’m recapping Torchwood now. No, I don’t know what possessed me to do that.


I seem to have forgotten to update three “Lost” stories. Sorry about that. I’m still writing, don’t worry! Updates to new stories (still “Lost”), can be found on my livejournal. As can the increasingly frequent rants that will explain why I haven’t been updating more frequently. Long story short: everyone I know, myself included, is a member of a union, a group that certain politicians in this country seem to have decided to declare war on. It’s hard to think about writing fanfic when people are writing nasty messages on your car and screaming obscenities at you because some idiot on Fox News told them you were somehow responsible for the recession.

Also, as you may have noticed, I changed my e-mail address. For a full explanation of why I am washing my hands of Yahoo, you can read my letter (which they ignored until they couldn’t ignore it anymore, at which point they proceeded to censor ME for) here. The Yahoo group is still up, however I will not be using it. I hope to have the Google group - or something similar - up and running once I get the kinks ironed out (I tried adding all the e-mails the Yahoo group was sending to…no dice).


Ah, yes, apparently I forgot to update this thing since my computer blew out and everything was a mess and I had half-finished stories everywhere and life has generally been a crazy mess. Ahem. Four new "Lost" stories, one of which is not quite finished, but you can find updates to it on my livejournal. Plus two recaps of guest spots wherein the guests pretty much play themselves.


More changes in design (it's still a work in progress, apparently), including a brand new fanfiction page and acknowledgement of the designer as it was brought to my attention that I neglected to do so before. Sorry. Also, a column for Matthew Fox movies has been added to the recap page, including recaps of "We Are Marshall", "Vantage Point" and three episodes of "Haunted". And I put up a couple new stories (though if you've read my livejournal it won't be new to you) - "Restraint II", sequel to gregoria44's original and "Safe Haven Alternate", a totally plotless piece of porn that I thought I was above writing now that I'm more mature. Clearly being around teenage boys is making me regress.


Happy New Year about two months late. I apologize for all the non-sensical/broken links. Hopefully they're all fixed now. Finished the recap of At World's End (Pirates 3). You can find it on the movie page, or you can go right to the separate Pirates of the Caribbean recap page. I also made dustjackets for the rest of the Detox series (Sobriety, Serenity and Safe Haven).


As you can see, I am redesigning my website. I took a class in design principles and I would like to apologize for the eyesore I have inflicted on the general population for the past few years. So far it's just the index page, the movie recap/review page and a new page of links. Everything else (including this page) is a work in progress. I finally finished the recap of Kingdom of Heaven, which you can find on the recap page. I also added part four of the Detox trilogy (I know, just go with it) and a new, improved dustjacket for Sex, Lies and Deception (made by myself). Next (hopefully) I'll finish a couple other stories and the recap of the third Pirates.

No Christmas decorations this year. Sorry.

It's May and I'm just now taking down my Christmas decorations. Sigh. I'm thinking I'll do minimal decorating next time (if any). I finished "Domesticity" and, because I felt like experimenting with PhotoShop, made my own dustjacket for it (I'm so proud of myself!). You can see both the jacket and the story here (also linked from the Fan Fiction page). I also did a recap for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", just in time for the third movie. You can find it here. I also made a few cosmetic changes and updated the "about the author" file (man, was it outdated!).

Yes, I am still here. :) As you can see, I decorated for the holidays again. All pages are decorated and I fixed all the broken or non-sensical links (I had no idea how bad it had gotten!) so feel free to poke around a bit. I also (finally!) finished one of my epic Vulder fics: "Sex, Lies and Deception." You can find it on the Fan fiction page. I'm still working on the other one (as well as about three other stories and five recaps), but here's a Christmas-themed chapter from it.

I've added a recap of "Monster-in-Law" and updated the VT page. There's a couple of my stories on there, so if you're registered at the SD-1 boards, you can get a preview of two new Vaughn/Mulder stories before I finish them and put them up on this site (if you're a member of my Yahoo group, you can get a preview of it there too). :)


I've finished the Extended version of "The Brit" as well as the third (and final...until I finish the epilogue) installment of the Detox Series: Serenity. You can find both on the updated fanfiction page.

The change in backdrop is because I'm feeling nostalgic. Good-bye, "Alias". You will be sorely missed. Sniffle.


I'll get around to taking down the Christmas decorations eventually, I swear! In the meantime, I have a recap of "Kitchen Confidential: F@#% the French" (I put it on its own page with different formatting because I made too many references that needed links) and a page of story recommendations by and for my VT Hos group on the SD1 message board. Enjoy!

Oh, and my bird died just before New Year's, so now the Snoopy and Woodstock graphic is in memory of both of my dearly departed pets. :(


As you can see, I've redecorated the site for the holidays. :) I also added a recap of Michael Vartan's appearances on "Friends" and "Ally McBeal" and some pictures to supplement the "Lost" recap. Again, please feel free to leave me comments on recaps/reviews, either by e-mail or guestbook. I'm starting to wonder if anyone is actually reading these things...Oh, and I made a couple changes to the guestbook, so take a look, sign, re-sign, whatever floats your boat.

As my Chrismas present to you, I have put together a bunch of ficlets and distributed them randomly throughout the site. Call it a treasure hunt. ;) There are 15 short ficlets - some stand alones, some parts of longer works in progress (including the next part of the "Intoxicated" series). Some have been posted to selective message boards or mailing groups and some are brand new. All but one (a kinky "Alias" PWP) are slash and they cover a total of six fandoms: "Alias", "X-Files", "Lost", "CSI", "Troy" and "LotR RPS". Abreviated headers are on all of them, indicating fandom, pairing, ratings and whatnot. Any page of the site is fair game. Look for the green and red peppermints (??). Click on them to read the ficlets. Happy hunting! :)

(I'll give you this one as a freebie - my Christmas present to all of my readers - a brand new, holiday themed, sappy piece of slash PWP. :) Enjoy!)

Oh, and if anybody gives a rip about what's going on in my life, I have now become the proud caretaker of a partially-blind male house finch. Hence the bird theme on this page. This next graphic is for my Snoopy-loving uncle and in loving memory of my dog Suzie, who died just before this Thanksgiving.


Added new recaps of "Troy" and an episode of "Lost" and a review of "Kingdom of Heaven". The Recaps/Reviews section has been completely revamped and all my Robert Patrick/David Duchovny reviews have been transfered here from The Outlet. I've also implimented a new spoiler ratings system for recaps. Enjoy! And please feel free to leave me comments on recaps/reviews, either by e-mail or guestbook. I'm curious to know what people think of them as I've yet to hear anything. ;)

I still need a dustjacket for Sobriety. If there are any artists who would be interested in making one, e-mail me!


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