Rating: NC-17

Classification: T R A

Keywords: AU, Doggett Torture, DSR (already established)

Spoilers: Spoilers? Me? Surely you jest! ;)

Disclaimer: I will quote a friend of mine - a fellow SHODDSter here and say: They aren't mine. Duh. :)

Archive: E-mail me first, so I know where it's going. :)

Summary: Doggett learns the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials...and he will never be the same again.

Dedication: To my fellow Doggett Torturers. This may very well be the most torture I have inflicted on poor John yet! :::evil crooked grin::: To my fellow SHODDSters. Many of whom I know have personalities wicked enough to fully appreciate where this story is headed. ;) To RPcrazy, who insists on calling me the "Queen of Smut". I'll try to live up to that. :) To Lisa for her constant support. And to Megan, who seems to have made it her mission to *keep* my mind firmly planted in the gutter. ;)

Author's Notes: Scully was never pregnant in this universe. I just have a hard time working that plot line into my stories. Mulder was still abducted though. And I want to make it clear that the fact that this is a DSR story DOES NOT mean that I don't like Mulder! He and Scully will still be best friends. They just won't be *lovers*. (And yes, I know the Supersoldier in Trust No 1 said that she brought him into her bed "one lonely night", but IMHO that does not hold much water. Oh, and Mulder still works at the FBI. :) This story takes place sometime after DeadAlive.

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Diandra Hollman 4/24/2002 | Dustjacket made by Philiater

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